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Most work-related injuries are minor, yet the law requires immediate medical attention, so this means a whole lot of ankle sprains and minor lacerations unnecessarily go to the ER every day! Whats the solution? Have you ever had that killer sore throat, keeping you awake at 2am, but the only place thats open is the ER, and yet you dont have an emergency? Whats the solution? Working on assembling that gift for the kids at 11pm on Christmas Eve and you accidentally cut your finger and it needs stitches? So if you wait until morning, they might say you waited to too long. And if you go to the ER, theyll make you wait in the waiting room until 5am. Whats the solution? Heres a tongue-in-cheek one: youre seeking medical attention for you or your kids, but you dont want to sit in the ER waiting room for hours because its full of drug-seekers (because thats often the only place they can get their narcotics now).